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Wild Sacredness offers a modern version of the ancient, traditional vision quest practiced by many different cultures. Our vision quest is a spiritual journey, a window for transformation—a chance to reclaim and bring forth the power and joy of your authentic self. If you sense a calling to make a major shift in the way you live your life, our vision quest offers that opportunity in a dynamic way.
 "A precious chance to retreat from our hectic lives…"

Sacred Vision Quests

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Why go on a Sacred Vision Quest? The following section addresses that intriguing question. If you’re curious about who you truly are beneath all of the roles you currently play...if your own mysteries are clamoring to be revealed…and if you want to embrace your most authentic vision of yourself and begin to live from that vantage point – read on.


Our vision quests were launched to provide an experience of profound personal transformation. Based on the premise that each of us is perfect in our own right and blessed with distinctive gifts to share, Sacred Vision Quests serve as the spark to re-ignite our passions and draw forth what lies within us.


At certain points in our life journeys, we may sense a transition approaching – a pull toward a new career path, a change in personal relationships, or a fervor for a more authentic way to live. It might simply be time to heal wounds that are blocking our growth.

This juncture offers a precious chance to retreat from our hectic lives and turn inward to gain a deeper understanding of who we really are...and what we need to do.

Our transformational tool is the vision quest, adapted from an ancient rites of passage ceremony. For millennia, people from many different cultures – Native American, Aborigines, and Basque, to name a few – have left behind familiar surroundings and withdrawn into nature to gain greater insight into their lives. In line with this traditional sacred practice, our vision quest is a way of confirming and celebrating a passage from one phase of life into the next. We in the modern era can benefit greatly from this ceremony, woven into the context of our contemporary lifestyles. The quest is not necessarily about receiving a mystical vision, but rather about a new way of seeing and moving through the world.

Essentially, our vision quest is an empty framework – a circle drawn in the dirt. The ceremony is bestowed with meaning when you step into the circle with authentic intention, bringing with you your values, your spiritual and cultural heritage, and your life experience. You are the co-creator of your own journey. The quest draws you to the place where your life and Spirit intersect.

 "You have a unique message to deliver; a unique song to sing, a unique act of love to bestow. This message, this song, and this act of love have been entrusted exclusively to the one and only you." 

In order to let go of old patterns and give birth to a new way of being, participants in the vision quest spend time alone in the wilderness. This immersion allows questers to reconnect with their own place in the cycles and rhythms of nature. Journeying solo into the wild with a chosen individual intention, you have an opportunity to address limitations, realize strengths, and ponder your own mysteries.


Upon returning from the quest, you will be empowered and transformed by a new vision of yourself—ready to serve your community with the gifts of your journey.

We now offer four distinct vision quest journeys. While they all share the essential components–immersing one's self in solo time on a fasting retreat in the wilderness, guided by an intention that you have created–each has a particular focus and challenge. They include: 
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The Sacred Vision Quest

June 23-29, 2024

7-Day Vision Quest

Death Valley red.jpg

The Warrior's Quest

December 27, 2024 – January 3, 2025

8-Day Vision Quest

The Sacred Flame

Available May 1
– November 1

3-Day Vision Quest 

The Warrior's Fire

Available November 1

– May 1

3-Day Vision Quest

*To get a taste of the inner exploration that the quest involves, we suggest you purchase a copy of the booklet Wildness Within: Experience the Power of Your Authentic Self. It contains exercises that help you begin to love and honor yourself deeply, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and experience the power of the natural world to offer transformational insights through an intentional hike known as a “day walk.”

  • What is a Sacred Vision Quest?
    A vision quest is a sacred and deeply spiritual journey, often regarded as an initiation or rite of passage. While it is commonly associated with Native American traditions, similar practices exist in various cultures worldwide. During a vision quest, an individual embarks on a personal and solitary quest into the wilderness. After this profound experience, the initiate returns to their community to share the wisdom and insights gained, approaching life with a renewed sense of purpose and a heightened connection to their inner self. Visions experienced during a quest can vary greatly, as the journey is highly individual and influenced by each person's emotional, spiritual, and physical characteristics. While distinct indigenous tribes may have their own unique ceremonies, categorizing them all as "vision quests" implies the presence of certain shared elements. These typically include solitude, extended periods spent alone in nature, fasting, and the pursuit of cognizing one’s life purpose through connecting with both the material and non-material worlds.
  • What is Tantra?
    Tantra is a profound spiritual tradition of awakening and enlightenment. It originated in India more than 5,000 years ago, but its relevance to our society today is truly significant. In Sanskrit, the word tantra means “woven together”: it offers systematic techniques and practices that “weave” the physical with the spiritual, leading to the most sublime experience of love and unity. Wild Intimacy will teach you basic, foundational tools—such as sensual touch and erotic kissing—to enliven true intimacy and sexual pleasure by inviting sacred energy into your relationship. In the Art of Tantra, you will learn to extend and deepen your lovemaking using secrets of the Tantric masters from thousands of years ago—such as conscious breathwork and sacred massage. A Sacred Tantric Awakening session allows you to experience the bliss and healing power of Tantra, removing any blocks to full enjoyment of your divine sexuality.
  • What are some steps I will take to cultivate my life purpose?
    • Discover your core values/find your bliss. The initial stage in cultivating your life purpose involves recognizing the things that hold profound significance to you. These are your personal values, motivations, and activities that bring you bliss. Take time to contemplate them and put them in writing. • Take a break. After you've defined your core values, the next step is to discover ways to integrate them into various situations. • Reflect and rethink. When faced with a difficult situation, changing how you perceive it through the context of your purpose can be transformative. Even minor irritations and everyday inconveniences can serve as opportunities to refine this skill, preparing you to navigate life's more significant challenges. • Act in alignment with your purpose. Be a role model. At times, the seemingly overwhelming global issues can leave us feeling powerless. When you find yourself engrossed in analyzing the world's challenges, contemplate how you can set an example through your actions. Remember that your life purpose is not static and may evolve as you grow and learn. It's a process of self-discovery, and the path may be winding, but the journey itself can be incredibly rewarding. Be open to the possibilities, stay true to your values, and follow your heart to find and begin to manifest your purpose for being here.
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