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Wild Intimacy

Learn valuable techniques that invite sacred energy into your relationship, creating channels for passion, bliss, and sexual pleasure to flow. These simple practices awaken bonding and trust between couples, igniting a precious spark of deep intimacy.


Wild Intimacy is about awakening Divine Energy in yourself and your relationships. When that sacred energy is invited in, you’re ready to experience a relationship as a beautiful dance of two souls.



As we learn to open to conscious presence with our partner, we create a channel for the Divine to flow through us. This is the essence, the perfection, of intimacy. Wild Intimacy provides you the opportunity to reclaim your sexual innocence and bliss, allowing for a more powerful connection in lovemaking. The coaching session begins with an open dialogue about what works and what’s not working in your love life. With loving compassion, your instructor will listen and acknowledge where you are, noting if you have any specific areas of concern. Then he will help clarify what you want to bring forth in your intimate relationship.

Based on your needs and desires, your instructor may teach you some or all of the following techniques to give you a foundation to reconnect with yourself and your beloved. Many people may believe that sex has to happen naturally, but in reality lovemaking is a skill that can be improved. With practice, these simple techniques will ignite the spark of sacred intimacy in your love life.


Want to try a few easy exercises with your partner? Purchase a copy of our booklet Sacred Desire: Secrets to Igniting Profound Passion.


Soul Gazing

Learn a simple, beautiful way to honor one another through extended, loving eye contact.

Awakening the Chakras

Feel your energy field. Learn how to awaken these energy centers of your body, while exploring how physical pleasure manifests and flows.

Sensual Touch

Learn the seven modalities of touch, the dance of yin and yang. Experiment with honoring your body through self-touch, self-massage, and self-pleasuring, while learning to communicate your desires to your beloved with loving openness.

Erotic Kissing

Explore the art and range of erotic kissing – from the extremely subtle to the passionate embrace. Discover how the masculine and feminine dance together in a kiss – where even the slightest touch can cause your partner to surrender in your arms.

Conscious Breath

Understand the dynamics of intentional breathing, incorporating the muscles of the lower chakras which are fundamental to extended orgasm and sexual pleasure. Practice the nurturing position for harmonizing your moods and energies with your loved one.

The Art of Conscious Lovemaking

Enjoy the blissful result of bringing together these simple skills to enhance your lovemaking. Being consciously present with your beloved opens you to unlimited possibilities. Learn the secrets to longer, deeper and more expansive orgasms as well as a multitude of lovemaking positions.


These techniques will begin to soften obstacles that may be inhibiting the flow of your sexual energy, or Shakti. Just as debris in a stream blocks the flow of water, wounds or fears can block the flow of intimacy in lovemaking. As these are released, the level of intimacy and quality of lovemaking are greatly enhanced, allowing deeper channels of Divine Energy to flow between you and your beloved.

Wild Intimacy will illuminate your understanding and teach you basic, foundational tools to enliven true intimacy in your relationship. For more information or to schedule an instructional session in Wild Intimacy, please complete the Contact Us form below.

"Learn the language of love, the language of silence, and the language of each other's presence."

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