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The Warrior's Fire​

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The Warrior’s Fire offers a unique challenge that only those who are willing to step far outside their comfort zone should consider undertaking. In addition to the taboos of the vision quest—no food, no human contact, and minimal shelter— this journey presents the challenge of keeping a fire burning throughout the night. It is a one-on-one, 3-day wilderness journey during which you are supported by a personal guide.

Including a 24-hour solo fast, this ceremony offers a mental and physical test to hold presence from sunset to sunrise, while keeping your fire going with a limited amount of wood. It is not only a mental challenge to stay awake during the night tending the flames; this seasonal quest also brings cold temperatures and the real possibility of rain or snow, adding another challenge to one's comfort in addition to the task of maintaining your fire. The Warrior's Fire will test your degree of endurance and commitment to your life's purpose—you’ll discover your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.

“But if you choose the way of the warrior, living a life of service,
it will demand of you the best you have.
The world needs your greatness.”

After adequately preparing with your guide, you’ll set out on your solo journey with limited resources. Holding conscious presence while maintaining your fire offers many profound gifts. When you return to base camp and share the experience with your guide, those gifts will be celebrated and integrated into your life going forward.

The Warrior’s Fire takes place in the majestic Cascades of Ashland, Oregon.

This demanding Warrior’s Fire journey is not for everyone. However, if you have a strong personal resolve and are willing to step far beyond your comfort zone and sit with your edge, this quest is your next challenge. Complete the Contact Us form below if you want to learn more!

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