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Sacred Desire

Secrets to Kindling Profound Passion
Allow yourself the rare chance to blissfully sink into your own sensual, erotic energy. You'll enjoy a safe, healing opportunity to release any obstacles blocking your full enjoyment of pleasure. 


To experience richness and wonder in relationships, it’s important to be conscious, present, and authentic in the way we dance with ourselves and reach out to others. As we receive and give love, we can invite Divine Energy to flow through us, so that the interchanges we have are filled with passion and bliss, and centered on “us”, and not just “me”.

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In intimate relationships, experiencing the flow of passion—physical, emotional, and spiritual—opens the door to levels of ecstasy and mutual fulfillment that are the natural birthright of everyone. Through development of conscious presence aided by ancient Tantric techniques, you and your partner can wake up to that reservoir of pleasure, delight, and fun that’s been hidden inside, beneath worries, wounds, and old habits. 

Immerse yourself in sensual bliss—now! By purchasing the booklet Sacred Desire: Secrets to Kindling Profound Passion,  you and your partner can experience the transformative power of Tantra in an inexpensive, accessible way. The exercises included here—Soul Gazing, Sensual Touch and Erotic Kissing—offer a taste of the ecstasy awaiting you through Sacred Desire!

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."


Sessions in Wild Intimacy, Art of Tantra and Sacred Tantric Awakenings will reconnect clients with their own reservoir of sexual energy, to bring relationships to new levels of intimacy and trust.


We also offer Playshops and Sacred Pujas to explore the flow of sexual energy, or Shakti, through exercises practiced in the shared, safe space of guided groups.


“Robert is gentle, intuitive, sensitive and tender. Because of physical traumas I had experienced, I wasn’t sure if my sexual responsiveness was still strong and lively. The work brought together emotional, spiritual and sexual aspects of myself, merging them into one harmonious whole. At 54, this feels like a new beginning!”


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