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The Art of Tantra​

Learn to extend and deepen your lovemaking using secrets of the Tantric masters from thousands of years ago. Experience the merging of sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality as you and your partner open to one another at the deepest level, elevating your intimacy to levels you only dreamed of.


Tantra is a profound spiritual tradition of awakening and enlightenment. It originated in India more than 5,000 years ago, but its relevance to our society today is truly significant.


With respect to intimacy and personal relationships, Tantra is a way of opening your heart and mind to the purest forms of love and unity. You become inspired by greater levels of passion and pleasure than you may have thought possible. Tantra offers an approach to love which introduces the experience of our sexuality and sensuality as a conscious meditation, as a flowing together of the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

Through slow and thoughtful practice of Tantric techniques, you will learn to comfortably extend and deepen your lovemaking. In this way you are training yourself to be aware not only of your own feelings but also those of your beloved. This opens you both to a profound level of trust and honoring one another – your energy is shared simply by intention. The spiritual aspect of Tantra involves using your sexual energy to merge with your partner and through him or her to become one with the Divine.



Instruction in these beautiful Tantric techniques is done while participants are fully clothed. The practices will awaken you to the sublime art of lovemaking. In the process, you’ll gain a new appreciation of your own abilities in this rejuvenating, healing art.

Sacred Honoring

Through creating sacred ritual in your lovemaking, you will elevate your intimacy and passion to a heightened experience of ecstasy.

Conscious Presence

As you become fully aware of the power of your presence, and that of your beloved, you both will attain a higher, more serene state of awakened trust and pleasure.

Breath, Sound, Movement, & Visualization

By using these simple techniques, you’ll find yourself letting go and moving beyond self-limiting obstacles. This creates an opening for the blissful experience of expanded, full-body orgasms.


Mudras are specific hand and finger positions, which affect energy on a very subtle level. These ancient gestures help to release and harmonize imbalances within the body.

Awakening Female Ejaculation

Learn how to awaken and release your feminine waters, or as described in the ancient text, your sacred Amrita, or Divine Nectar. "Releasing Amrita" has been described as warm, clear liquid gushing from a woman's genital area that produces a wave of intense pleasure–a wave the woman's partner can also ride. A woman may feel a profound connection with her own power, with the Divine Feminine within her, and with her partner. Openness, a sense of safety, and using the power of intention create this wonderful experience of sensuous, sacred pleasure–in which the woman becomes her own spiritual priestess.

Ejaculation Control for Men

Learn how to go beyond the pressure to ejaculate in lovemaking, to achieve higher, extended levels of pleasure through ejaculation control. Tantra shows you how to direct sexual energy (“kundalini”) up the spine to achieve longer, multiple, full-body orgasms without ejaculating. Full-body orgasms release tensions, heal the prostate gland, and open the heart so a man can connect more deeply with his partner. With mastery of higher energy movement, a man can allow himself and his partner to reach higher states of ecstasy and orgasmic pleasure than they believed were possible.

Sacred Spot Massage

This profoundly sensual massage, focused on a man’s or woman’s sacred spot, is a powerful healing technique to activate and release deep-seated traumas, emotional wounds, or negative thoughts surrounding your sexuality that may spontaneously arise during lovemaking. As these blocks to the flow of sexual energy are removed, there is more space for pleasure. Energy that was once held tight is allowed to move freely in the chakras, bringing lovemaking to a new level. The result – an awakening to your unlimited source of pleasure, your Shakti (the vibrant, inner reservoir of sexual power).


Sacred Lovemaking

Experience the ecstatic culmination of bringing all of these techniques together into an authentic experience of sacred love. Learn the skills to achieve longer, deeper, multiple and full-body orgasms. These advanced Tantric techniques lift the experience of lovemaking to a cherished, sacred dance between two souls.

Instruction in the Art of Tantra is a graceful, powerful way to invite boundless passion into your life. Sensual experiences that you may never have thought possible are now within your reach. For more information or to schedule an instructional session in this timeless Art of Tantra, please complete the Contact Us form below.

"In authentic giving, we truly do receive; and through fully receiving we give a special gift to those we love."
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