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Wildness Within

Experience the Power of Your Authentic Self

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What do we mean by “wild”? We mean the instinctive, true self. The self that feels vitality and joy when it’s able to live according to the most intimate laws of its own nature. It’s that part of us that “lights up” when we’re doing—or even thinking or talking about—what stirs our passion. 


In this segment of Wild Sacredness, we explore the Wildness Within, our instinctive nature that lies behind all the personas that accompany us in our different roles in life. Through exercises and discussion, we’ll learn tools for nourishing our emotions and bodies with loving, healing thoughts and behaviors. We’ll learn how to listen deeply to reawaken to our unique purpose in life, and empower ourselves to be able to share the gifts we came to give. 

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We’ll also learn about and prepare for the Sacred Vision Quest, a transformational journey into the wilderness—a rare opportunity for self-discovery and empowerment that will help remove obstacles that have kept you from living the life you were meant to live.


Wild Sacredness is about bringing to life a fiery passion in ourselves, our relationships with our partner, and within the community life we share. It is also about recognizing that the pure life energy comes from within us, and is found complete, whole, and perfect in us as we are right at this moment. “Honoring You” is therefore the perfect place to begin our journey toward a passionate, purposeful life.


Start igniting your passion now! Experience a taste of your own wild self by purchasing the booklet, Wildness Within: Experience the Power of Your Authentic Self, pictured above. It contains three powerful exercises enlivening self-love, self-awakening and self-empowerment.

"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Wildness Within Vision Quests - Honoring

Loving one’s self and connecting to one’s deepest essence is the first gate to unlock. Since most of us have experienced blocks to complete self-acceptance and self-love, in “Honoring You” we learn tools that enhance our ability to nourish body, mind, and spirit. We come back home to our instinctive, true self—the self that feels great vitality and joy when living according to its own nature, in an authentic way. By looking honestly at ourselves through various exercises, we learn how to achieve the balance between a healthy self-regard and a realistic appraisal of our strengths and weaknesses. We explore and activate the three qualities that make us whole: Self Love, Self Awakening, and Self Empowerment.  

Wildness Within -Sacred Vision

Once we’ve begun to honor and embrace

our authentic selves—our unique brand of
‘Wild Sacredness’—we can take a deeper, more physical journey to explore our inner lives. The Sacred Vision Quest is a precious opportunity to dive into the “bare bones of our being” through a pan-cultural rite of passage in the wilderness. The transformation that occurs raises us to a powerful vantage point, from which we can begin to share who we truly are. It sets the stage for us to actualize the new, broadened awareness we’ve gained as we take our powerful presence out into the world. 


“I felt like my heart ripped open and I learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable. I was able to let go of what doesn’t serve me any longer. At this pivotal time, to experience this and become free of negative emotions was unexpected—and hugely transforming.”


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