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Sacred Desire Q & A

Hear the responses to frequently asked questions, from details about sessions to personal concerns about engaging in the work and play of Wild Sacredness.


Q. Where are your sessions held and how do I go about scheduling one?

Since we're based out of Ashland, we typically visit all southern Oregon clients. Therefore, the session would be held in the comfort of your own home.

However, when we travel to other cities, sessions are normally held in a quality hotel. It is very important to us that you feel completely safe and relaxed for the maximum benefit of the session. To schedule an appointment or ask additional questions, please complete the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Q. How much does a session cost?

The fee for each of our services is based on a hourly rate. Please call us for specifics.

Q. Can these classes help me if my partner isn’t interested in attending?

Definitely! Sometimes our partners may not be ready to embrace these teachings at the same time we choose to. However, just by learning and practicing this knowledge ourselves we can spark the interest of our partner. The best way to reinvigorate a relationship is to begin to give more intimacy from our side – then the gifts will begin to flow.

For instance, we had a female client who brought her experience back home into the bedroom, and her partner quickly became interested and came to learn himself. There’s nothing like experiencing firsthand greater intimacy in a relationship.

Q. How can your offerings help me if my relationship is in trouble?

When a relationship is in trouble, this is often the time we start looking for help. Since Wild Intimacy initiates a beautiful process of opening to the flow of the Divine, you allow yourselves to be more conscious and aware so that real clarity and communication can occur about issues in your relationship.

Sometimes we just lack the proper skills or tools to work through issues of intimacy. Or we just need to heal wounds to open our hearts to the love we truly desire. For example, I’ve found the Tantric Nurturing Position to be a simple, yet profound technique for couples to harmonize their moods and energies, especially after an argument.

Q. What if I don’t feel safe during a Sacred Tantric Awakening session? Am I free to not fully participate at every moment?

Yes. A Sacred Tantric Awakening session unfolds entirely according to your choices. You will be encouraged to choose only those aspects of the session that are most desirable and comfortable. We are there to totally support and gently guide you through the journey.

Remember, if negative issues arise, such as fear, abuse, or abandonment, it is an opportunity for releasing and healing these deep-seated traumas, emotional wounds, or negative thoughts surrounding your sexuality. You will feel more free and open once these shadows are released by gentle loving intention.

Q. I am fatigued and stressed. Can you reawaken my sexual energy in spite of this?

Your fatigue and stress may be due to other factors, for which we would recommend seeking proper medical advice. However, your sexual energy is a vibrant, dynamic reservoir of unlimited energy and pleasure. Once you learn how to tap into this pool, you’ll be able to direct this powerful energy into any aspect of your life.

What clients typically notice is that they have more focus, are more energetically awake, and are more sensitive, more open-hearted. Spontaneously they seem to be more giving and also more able to receive.

Q. I am single – how will these classes work if I don’t have a partner?

We found that a significant part of the healing in any relationship is self-healing. Thereby, learning and practicing these techniques now will allow you to be that much further ahead once you choose to embrace a relationship. Many of the Tantric techniques we teach are for the individual, such as breath, sound, movement, and visualization. Through exploring these techniques while honoring your body through self-touch, self-massage, and self-pleasuring, you’ll be more open to experiencing multiple orgasms or even full-body orgasms.

Q. I have experienced a lot of sexual impotence in my life and am ashamed to share that. Does that mean I need a private healing session?

When it comes to sexuality there are times when concerns and issues may arise. We welcome the sharing of these concerns and will completely honor your privacy.

As for the need of a private healing session, it all depends on what you want to achieve. For sexual impotence, often there are emotional issues that block the flow of energy, inhibiting one’s ability to fully respond to sexual stimulation. Through a sacred healing session these emotional issues can be released and the flow of energy restored. However, sexual issues may also be accompanied by physiological factors. Therefore, it’s always advisable to seek proper medical advice.

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