Sacred Pujas

Have you had the exquisite experience of being truly seen?

This very special ceremony is a unique opportunity to recognize and honor one another as uniquely beautiful and sacred.


This guided ritual focuses on a specific theme—a common one is honoring the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within us. In this powerful, heart-expanding experience, each participant in the group is given the opportunity to be seen, appreciated, and loved for who they simply and authentically are in that moment. 


You’ll come away from the Sacred Puja lit up, filled with glowing energy and an overflowing heart. It’s a true gift for all of us when we recirculate the sacred energy connecting us. 


So whether you're single or in partnership, you’ll experience the power of sacred honoring—and bring to all of your relationships a more open heart and receptivity to the beauty and sacredness all around us.

"We need to think of ourselves as gifts to be given
and to think of others as gifts offered to us."

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