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Here you’ll find a current list of scheduled vision quests, locations and fees. Below that you’ll find important information on how to prepare for your quest.    

Each vision quest offered by Wild Sacredness is led by experienced guides trained in wilderness rites of passage ceremonies. The list below describes upcoming vision quests, where participants will journey into the expansive Oregon and California wilderness. These locations present a variety of the natural world at its most dramatic, scenic and invigorating – the perfect backdrop for a plunge into the heart of nature.


Please Note: Course Fees are for program tuition only. Fees do not include meals, transportation, personal camping equipment or campground and vehicle permits for national and state parks.

To register, click on the specific journey below that you would like to attend:


The Sacred Vision Quest                                     
Dates: June 23-29, 2024
Location:  Cascade Mountains – Ashland, Oregon
Description: 7 days with 72-hour solo fast
Course Fee:  $850*
*Please Note: If you are experiencing financial hardship, our
Wild Sage Scholarship program may help fund a portion of your course fee.
If assistance is needed, please Contact Us for details.
The Sacred Vision Quest.JPG
Death Valley red.jpg
The Warriors Quest - New Year's                                     
Date:   December 27, 2024 – January 3, 2025
Location:  Death Valley National Park – Furnace Creek, California
Description:  8 days with 96-hour solo fast
Course Fee:  $950

The Sacred Flame 

Date:  Available from May 1 through November 1
Location:  Cascade Mountains – Ashland, Oregon
Description:  3 days with 24-hour solo fast
Course Fee:  $950

The Flame Quest.jpg

The Warrior's Fire

Date:  Available from November 1 through May 1
Location:  Cascade Mountains – Ashland, Oregon
Description:  3 days with 24-hour solo fast
Course Fee:  $1,250

Our Vision Quest Locations
Cascade Mountains
Ashland, Oregon

The beautiful setting for this journey is permeated with the subtle tranquility of a deep forest. Rolling hills of towering firs, pines and cedars surround green meadows and natural springs. This pristine land on top of an Oregon mountain overlooking mountain lakes offers a perfect backdrop for inner reflection on your purpose and authentic self. It is truly a serene setting to steep in the silence and wonder of Nature.

Death Valley National Park
Furnace Creek, California

A visual feast of multicolored layers of rock, snow-topped mountains, cascading sand dunes and water-gouged canyons, the desert environment of Death Valley incorporates three million acres of stone wilderness. A place inviting trials and the creation of new myths, Death Valley is home to the Timbisha Shoshone and to plants and animals that thrive in the harshest desert.

"Our demons are our own limitations, which shut us off from the realization of spirit... each of these demons is conquered on a vision quest."


Preparing for Your Quest

Upon receipt of your completed Registration Form and deposit, we’ll email you detailed information about your Quest, including recommended readings, an equipment list (what to bring), travel instructions, and a health questionnaire and liability release form. All participants are required to have current health insurance.


We strongly encourage participants to purchase Wildness Within: Connecting with and Celebrating Your Authentic Self. It contains exercises for learning to honor yourself, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and experience through an intentional hike in nature the wisdom that can be gleaned through solo time in the wilderness. 


We also ask you to carefully think about what is calling you to experience a vision quest, and to write a letter of intent clarifying your particular reasons for signing up. Take time to reflect on what is prompting you to participate in this rite of passage. Is some aspect of your life demanding a change? Are you ready to move into higher attunement with your purpose? Clarifying your intention will help you pinpoint the aspects of yourself that the wilderness ceremony will address.


Finally, take a look inside yourself to make sure you are ready to commit to the journey. Often participants will feel anxious and uncertain as the time for the quest approaches, and fear can fuel some doubts. If your initial intention is strong and clear, that hesitation and doubt will be minimized.


If you are unable to participate due to unavoidable circumstances, your deposit  can be applied to a future journey or program if we have at least a month's notice prior to the start date of your quest. If a course is canceled by Wild Sacredness (this rarely happens), applicants receive a full refund. 


If you wish to be a sponsor for one of our vision quests, or if you desire a custom-designed program, contact us at 541-301-8591 or email

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