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Come taste the profound, playful group exercises and honoring ceremonies that provide an experience of shared Divine Energy and circulating bliss.


Playshop events are an engaging way to experience the fun and pleasure of Tantra in a safe, casual setting.

Whether you’re single or currently in a relationship, come explore what can happen when Sacred Desire is invited into the mix! You’ll learn techniques you and your partner can practice to restore pleasure and bliss—they’ve helped many, many couples overcome obstacles to intimacy and awaken the natural flow of their sexual energy.

We invite you to try one event that has met with overwhelming success: a birthday or special occasion party where you can share the magic, power, and bliss of Tantra with your friends. Our experience is that participants, perhaps hesitate at first, soon begin to experience a joyful exuberance from sharing that circulating bliss with their friends, and getting to know them in a deeper way. Or you could create a unique anniversary celebration for you and your beloved to immerse in the Divine Energy supporting your intimacy. Such a mutual honoring acknowledges your sacred dance and profoundly deepens connection.

If you'd like to explore these possibilities, feel free to call us and we can share what some parties and celebrations have looked like, and how to present it to your friends and/or partner. These events are very unique and memorable, occasions that your loved ones aren't likely to forget soon! Just so you know, these are "clothes-on" events.

For more information or to schedule your special Playshop, please complete the Contact Us form below.

"We must  learn how to live from our hearts... because the mind really has no answers, and the heart has no questions."
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