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Each component of Wild Sacredness—self, relationships, and community—is addressed in our offerings. From learning concrete tools to help us love the Wildness Within, to mastering the art of being conscious in relationships and exploring tools of Tantra and sacred healing, to honing our life purpose and keeping it alive as we create ways to share it with our communities—our events, journeys, playshops and healing sessions enliven the passion we’re all seeking.


Our offerings include Sacred Vision Quests, ancient Tantric practices, Day Walks, journaling exercises and empowerment/manifestation techniques. They reflect years of experience in various fields including personal empowerment, relationship enrichment, outdoor wilderness guiding, intimacy coaching, sacred rituals, and much more. Select one of the three branches below—the one that strikes you as the most enticing place to start—and see how our offerings will propel you toward passionate living.

Begin your journey with one of these informative ebooks:


Igniting passion begins with uncovering and embracing our ‘wild,’ instinctive selves. This branch of Wild Sacredness focuses on learning to nourish our emotions, bodies and spirits with loving behaviors. It shows how to reconnect with the natural world for guidance and healing. It introduces the Sacred Vision Quest, a transformative journey offering profound self-discovery, empowerment, and removal of obstacles blocking us from expressing our authentic, passionate selves in the world.


To experience the sacred softness and fiery passion in relationships is to participate in one of the greatest joys of being human. That experience begins with being fully present.

This branch of Wild Sacredness explores the huge reservoir of erotic energy and sensual pleasure we can access through easy-to-practice techniques of Tantra. By learning to cultivate Divine energy in our lovemaking and daily lives, we open relationships to a heightened, precious level of intimacy and trust.



Many of the most fulfilled people on earth are those who have “come alive,” who live passionately and generously, sharing their gifts in a natural, graceful way that enriches the lives of those around them.

This branch of Wild Sacredness will help you become one of them.  From clarifying your own life purpose, to nurturing it as it begins to manifest, to seeing it become a concrete expression of your creativity and passion—these offerings will bring engagement with your community, along with the peaceful fulfillment of knowing you’re doing what you came here to do.


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