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Cultivating Your Life Purpose

As the offerings of Wild Sacredness begin to unfold your purpose and personal power, it’s completely natural to want to share these gifts. We’re not alone on this earth—we affect one another deeply, starting with our families and friends, reaching out to our local communities, then to the regional, national and global level. 



Now more than ever before, through technology, we can impact our surroundings quickly and profoundly. So it’s time to step up and make a difference!


As you step into authentic, intentional living, everyone gains. The effect of each person becoming more ‘alive’ spreads spontaneously, and others are inspired to follow your lead. The rewards of sharing your gifts continue to compound, developing stronger, more creative and successful communities.


But getting there can be daunting! Pushing yourself into unknown territory can be edgy, scary—you’re raising yourself to an elevated platform of power and presence, and it can make you feel vulnerable. In Wild Sacredness, we take it step by step.


1.  Clarify your Purpose

Getting clear on your mission is the first step. Perhaps you really don’t know what you want to do, or maybe you’ve always had an inkling but some fear is holding you back from moving toward your purpose. Many fears can crop up—what if I’m not good enough to achieve it… it has to be the right time or it won’t work…I need to do (x,y,z…) before I’ll allow myself to go for it—and sometimes these obstacles are so great they obscure the vision itself!


Our tools for gaining clarity include the Day Walk, journaling exercises, and exploring your thoughts through focused quiet time or speaking with friends. One of our most powerful offerings for getting clear on your purpose is the Sacred Vision Quest, a rare opportunity to reconnect with your essence, the part of your spirit that intuitively knows what you came here to do.


2.  Nurture your Vision

Meaningful achievements don’t happen overnight—they begin as a small seed of imagination, and with care and nurturing grow gradually into something of real value.


Without continued vigilance, your great idea might slip away or get smothered by the many tasks required for daily living. We show you how to keep the incubator warm so things will hatch! Tools include creating visual reminders you’ll see every day, creating a vision book and keeping a journal, and marking a special place in your home that holds reminders of your commitment to your goal. We’ll show you how to encourage thinking that will support the manifestation of your gifts, and how to take quiet time to expose yourself to more expansive awareness. You’ll learn how to “try on your purpose” to see if fits you—by engaging with people in your community who are doing the thing you might be drawn to.


3.  Live your Life Purpose

Every desired achievement needs practical steps to bring it into fruition. We’ll show you how to make an action plan, for immediate little steps as well as development of the larger picture. We’ll help you chart your own map—by x many years, I want to have accomplished this—and work backward from there to break it down into timely pieces. We’ll show you how to set up accountability measures, to make sure things get done.


Finally, you’ll watch as your energies translate into solid, meaningful accomplishments that bring you fulfillment like nothing else can!


For a taste of these exercises, order the booklet Embracing Community: Living an Inspired Life featured on the previous page.

"If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose."   
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