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Once we’ve reconnected with our ‘wild’ authentic self, and we’re beginning to dance in deep intimacy with our partner, it’s natural that we want to start sharing our gifts with our people. 

When you become more awake, beautiful, magical things begin to happen. The passion that has been ignited within you, through recognizing your own beauty, strength, and purpose, starts to cast its light in your environment. It may be a small light at first—a very tiny voice saying, “This feels like something I want to share.” Or “This is just too wonderful, too rich, too good to keep to myself.” Circumstances will encourage us to step forward and say ‘yes’ to that voice. This is the time to listen very clearly, and be willing to move through fear and doubt. It may well be a bit scary, out of the comfort zone—but deep down you know it’s what you want and need to do. Once the passion is aroused to share your gifts, you really don’t have a choice—you’ll naturally find yourself reaching out to your community. 

Embracing Community

Living an Inspired Life

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Your life purpose is calling—it’s time to listen!

Living your purpose doesn’t happen automatically; you have to clarify it, nurture it, then watch it unfold through specific action steps you take. The booklet Embracing Community (pictured above) offers an experiential taste of the journey, with exercises to set you moving on your path—including effective ways to zoom in on exactly what you want to do and tools for seeing your vision through, visit the link Cultivating your Life Purpose for a description of these exercises. 



"Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world most needs are people who have come alive."


“The vision quest was a life-altering experience for me. I had been battling acute depression, and it was impacting my marriage. Being by myself for those days was healing, and I saw how valuable it is being a husband and father. I discovered that my personal path and my marriage are one and the same.”


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